Important Terms and Conditions:

1. This Moov Africa’s bus reservation service terms and condition should be taken in conjunction with the Bus operator’s terms and condition.

2. For the purpose of clarity anyone making a bus reservation on this online platform is regarded as a User and not a Bus operator customer.

3. Moov Africa is ONLY an online Bus ticket reservation agent serving Bus operators registered on this platform and their users.

4. Moov Africa does not own buses or operate bus services that are available on

5. Passengers are required to present the ticket issued on and any payment made to the Bus operator’s bank account provided on to the Bus operator for confirmation of booking.

6. Passengers are required to present the following information to the Bus operator ahead of boarding the bus:

a. A copy of the ticket (A print out of the ticket or the print out of the ticket e-mail or a SMS of the reservation sent by Moov Africa).

b. Proof of Identity - (National I.D. card or Voter ID card, Driving License, Student ID card, Company ID card, Int’l Passport). The Bus operator reserves the right not to allow the user to board the bus if the necessary proof of reservation and proof of identity are not presented.

7. Moov Africa helps users find the best service/operator based on their budgets/preferences and helps with the online and mobile reservation.

8. Moov Africa provides users telephone and email support were necessary and possible.

9. If you are unsure of the reservation Terminal address or the exact boarding location, please call the Bus operator to locate the exact boarding location.

10. Moov Africa is not responsible or liable for the following:

a. The bus operator's customer service issues or not departing/arriving on time.

b. Cancellation of the trip by the operator due to avoidable or unavoidable circumstances.

c. The user missing the bus due to not waiting at the correct boarding point.

d. Last minute changing of a user's seat by the operator to accommodate a disable / elderly / pregnant or nursing lady / Child.

e. The bus not being clean or not meeting the user's expectations.

f. Missing/Lost/Stolen/Damaged baggage or any personal belonging of the user.

g. Changes in the boarding point and/or using a pick-up vehicle at the boarding point to transport users to a larger bus departure point.

11. Bus Change: In the event the Bus operator notifies a user of a change of bus type (AC/Non-AC/Sleeper/Seater) the user reserves the right to change his booking if bus type provided does not meet the user’s expectation or cancel and ask the operator for a refund if payment had been made and he wishes not to continue.

12. Moov Africa DOES NOT collect trip fare on behalf of any Bus operator and therefore will not entertain any request for refund or assistance from a user.

13. Payment Options: Different Bus operators allow one or two payment options

a. Payment at the terminal upon presentation of E-Ticket or proof of reservation ahead of bus seats being fully taken by earlier users and boarding.

b. Direct payment to a Bus operator’s bank. Where allowed the receiving bank details are provided upon completion of reservation on

14. Requests for refund after payment to Bus operator is based on the operator’s service policy.

15. Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policies of each bus operator are available at each terminal. Please read them before making payment.

16. E-Ticket. An e-Ticket is a paperless electronic document with a unique booking number given to passengers in place of a paper ticket. User is required to produce the unique reservation number to the bus operator in order to be able to pay and board the bus.

17. E-Ticket. Your e-Ticket details can be printed immediately upon successful completion of your online reservation. Additionally a copy will be sent to the email address provided by you at the time of making the trip search or opening a Moov account.

18. If you are unable to view and print your e-ticket after making your reservation on, please contact our call centre at: 08094820401.

19. Moov Africa shall not be liable if users do not comply with this requirement.

20. Trip search on is entirely free.